What is the Goal of Man?

As you read this, it is important to realise, first, that the goal of this piece of thought is for the glorification of GOD through the work of creation and the fulfilment of life.


The goal of man not only answers why there is man or why there was creation but it deals vehemently with the answer for existence.

Why is there life?

The goal of man answers to the intention behind the very foundation of creation. It is not enough to be aware of life or to beware that one is alive, it is not enough to know what one can do or that one can do as much as one wills and pleases, it is important – beyond the knowledge of life – that one is armed with the purpose and the intention for the creation of life.

For the goal of man, male and female, it is furnishing by the intention of GOD. THE GOAL of man is to finish the work of the father (John 5:36).

How does Man finish the Work of GOD?

Very simple. See man as the ghost, the temple, the body, the tool(s) through which the supernatural filters meaning unto the earth. Man is a and should be the representation of the supernatural on the natural. The man could be seen as a puppet and this would still not be wrong in this context because of the presence of the concept of spirits – good or bad.
Invariably, we are all possessed, possessions, owned and ruled by one spirit or the other, our spirits are always either in subjection and partnership with the supernatural and so it is true to say that all things which happen are by the enforcement of and the empowerment by the supernatural.

The breath of life is equally the spirit and the very presence of the supernatural through man.

Therefore, with the supernatural in view, the goal of man on earth is to continue the work of GOD upon the earth. The work of GOD being the process of creation, the process of judgement by truth, the process of curating what is right, creating by the wheels of creation, the process of being righteous only by the standard of GOD – who is the core of righteousness. The purpose of and goal of man is to do as GOD has done.

Thus, as GOD has done, so shall GOD’sBondMan live to do.

The goal of man is to defend the goal of GOD – salvation and that all that was created in its place remain in their place and work just as the universe works in the order and path of the ordination of the creator. The goal of man is to be in the middle field of opposition, to be the will of protection for GOD’s mandate in their hands. The goal of man is, to the man, what GOD has given, keep it and dress it.

The goal of man is to be the hand of GOD upon the earth.

The goal of man is an anointing upon every man that as we look to the standard and words of GOD and behold the face of GOD – Jesus, the revelation of the invisible GOD – we become like GOD. The purpose of man and the goal of man is to be as ‘GOD is’ upon the earth, to be god upon the earth: upholding the thought and intention of GOD, working by the breath of the pure spirit of the creator.


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