I know that life is a gift and free-life is to sift.

I know that every dawn is a step in the journey, I know that every morn’ should be a next step in the sojourn. I know that I do not know so much; that what I know is not brighter than a torch when compared to what GOD has buried in the brightness of the universe.

I know that time is an evidence of order and “self-creation” is an unstable thought of disorder.

I know that if I do not understand something, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. I know that I am not the centre of the world or of existence and love has taught me to persevere. I know that silence is not absence; and how the balance of life could mean that one must forgo a fore-knowledge to go on.

I know that humanity is not half-way developed and memories could be gods if we don’t embrace what’s ahead.

I know that I am not a useful head without a body and consciousness is the judgement that ignorance is burnt by. I know that man did not create man and neither did the earth but that by the earth (length) and breath (breadth) of GOD man was made. I know that apology is not the only answer to humanity and that perfecting posterity doesn’t simply come by perfect eulogy.

I know that “no” can be an answer from GOD and I’m learning – to live by the concept of prayer as a sitting room chat with the creator – because GOD is teaching. I know that GOD wants to be heard just as we want to be fed. I know that sometimes all the time lies are cultured to be beautiful because truth refuses to be made up.

I know that the devil knows GOD’s Word and by the Word of GOD, the devil knows who’s the ward of GOD.

I know that fear is an energy of good use but corruption blinds us to the original intention. I know that GOD is not man and man isn’t GOD; thank GOD, for all men! I know that peace isn’t to please the desires of man but to set a fire that all men can see the image of GOD. I know that GOD is the bond of man and man is bound to be bond to GOD or be lost: free and marooned.

I know GOD loves me and living is evidence. I know GOD loves me or leaving would have been evident.

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