Translation of Belief

Before GOD’sBondMan is the greatest task in the journey of faith and hope and healing in the light of pursuing the pathway of divinity.

For GOD’sBondMan, It is not adequate just to believe, or to say that one believes or to believe what one says. It is most honourable, highly virtuous and most deserving of all glory and counsel and praise that one does as one believes.

The true test of belief is that you do what you believe.

It is to say what you believe and to say by what you believe; to stay in what you believe and to stay by what you believe; to pray to what you believe and to pray by what you believe; to pay for what you believe and to pay by what you believe.

The truest test of belief and for the belief of a man is to treasure what you believe and cast the heart and mind and soul and strength to channeling it to becoming.

The truth, in the test of faith and belief, is to translate what you hope for and have faith-in into life. To live life by the course of what you believe. It is not to just profess and confess that you believe, it is ideal that you possess by and what you believe. For GOD’sBondMan, the test of translation is to take from belief to the point of living.

To be the answer for belief is the highest form of belief.

It is to translate belief to believing. It is to translate belief from heart to act, from act to fact, from fact to art, from art to pact, from pact to heart again. The translation of hope is not just that we believe in a thing or ideal or person but that we live our lives because we believe and based on that premise that we believe.

How do you know that you believe, it is to live by what you believe; to act by belief. The translation of belief is believe and action by believing.

To rob belief from a man is to rip their very soul essence. It is by belief that we live, we are just like leaves, moving in the winds of belief, wherever it leads, we go, for GOD’sBondMan, the wind is GOD, for others, I do not know. But the leaf – whose belief is in GOD – is sure that they would land upon ground, safely, even through the testing storm, and that the wind would guide them to a place of refuge and safety off the path of crushing feet.

The great test before GOD’sBondMan is to believe, to live by believing, to cleave to belief, to be like the leaf and sail in the wind, to accept the will of the wind, to be bound to the intimacy of the wind, blowing like the breath of the spirit; giving power to the veins of memory and blood.

Additional Note

For the Christian, who believes in GOD, the evidence of belief is to live by the nature and dictates of GOD.

It is not just to profess and confess, it is to possess and progress by the influence of GOD’s Word upon us which is the revelation of HIS Love and Perfect Will.

To show belief is to live with the consciousness that GOD is everywhere: in us and through the force of nature, therefore, our acts and art and hearts must be guided to please the one who’s wind and thrusts us only if we trust HIM to.

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