Translation II

I had just finished a conversation with a friend – in a distant country from mine – where we spoke about issues that have been raised in the GOD’sBondMan journey and in our faiths, and in life and comically about the very conflicting consequences in indigenous contemporary music when the question arose about what does happen when man truly believes but finds it difficult to do as they believe? It bothered on why man is most vulnerable to the point where they are less liable to become evidences of what they believe.

How can Man translate belief to Action?

I was silent, pondering at the truth that there could be no ounce of coincidence in this question especially concerning the time and place.

This line of thoughts had, in fact, come to me because if it was as simple as believing and doing as one believes, to arouse faith, then the whole world would be engulfed in a fire of faith and hope and contrite belief and our actions would be as one: speaking one echoing affection of love and guided hopes and of dreams which meet actualisation and I was silent. I was silent because I had pushed the first thought and answer away.

The first answer seemed too rudimentary and too basic to be given, perhaps if I gave it, I would not be forgiven for being so…simple. It lacked embellishment.

It came as raw as it was and it was that the only reason why man is weak to do as man knows and man is bleak in the things of hope by the power of self is because man is in dire need of a saviour.

The space between the belief of a man, right and true and his actions – of lofty height and through – is because man is wired to be dependent, to be in “followership”, to be guided, to be guarded in the guide.

Man was created to be led, to be bred to thread by following.

The reason why we have not gotten it right on our own is not the absence of sight upon what is true because we were created to know what is true but it is because we cannot save ourselves.

We do not have the power to save ourselves.

Man cannot save man and that’s why in the aesthetic form of man, man is vulnerable and unreliable to stand for the moral code that man is made from.

If man could save man, then man would not be in need of saving.

So for man to be ideal in nature and accountable to the moral code of existence, then man must need GOD and be in the path of GOD.

For man to believe, and to intersect by belief, it is by the grace and place of GOD within man. For man to be an evidence of faith which man believes it is by the empowerment of the Saviour of man.

To be whole and holy, man needs to mirror GOD, who is whole and holy.

To believe, to have belief, to live by believe, it is by the good grace of the saviour and this saviour is JESUS, the crucified and risen CHRIST, who is both the finished work of salvation and the finishing work of redeeming the man at every vulnerable point.

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