The Plan of GOD

If we try to explain what the plan of GOD has always been, it would look like GOD was being slow because we know that GOD, the wind, has power to blow all our problems away and then, there would be no need to have to show to people that our GOD exists. If only there was some place or space where we could take our doubting friends and family to see GOD or at least a form of GOD then maybe all this would be easier to say, “there is GOD, HE is alive and I’ll show you, come with me” but nothing.

Sometimes it seems that GOD is in the business of not “showing up” especially the way we want HIM to.

We want HIM to show himself in the ways we can understand and that’s understandable but when HE does, it’s believable because we want a show-man just as much as we want a divine contrite and humble yet humbling being; we want an embellished Creator as much as we want a redeemer and saviour we can reach and even though GOD is all of these and more, when HE comes in whatever form we can receive, it is sometimes not what we expect.

Sometimes, GOD comes as a baby – and I mean this in the most literal sense possible – appearing helpless to see what we know and can show about love. Sometimes, God comes as a broken phone screen or a wounded bird or a dying soldier, an eclipse of answers, a dying star, a garment of many colours, a promise kept or being kept. Sometimes, GOD comes as persecution, a sour yoghurt milk box (which I now think was spoilt or expired to show me the very picture of my untamed desires).

GOD comes as the thin wind; in an irritation; in the earth, shaking; in dawn, waking; in a stone, lifting out of the way and in telephone conversations. GOD comes as a mother, a father, an answered prayer, a “no” for an answer, in what looks like delays when we wait for HIS Will to be fully fulfilled in HIS time. GOD comes in a tear (crying) for a chatter, a blissful journey as well as a rocky sojourn. Yet, GOD also comes as a right, a birth right, an inheritance and this bothers me.

It bothers me that most times when we want GOD to come as the finished work, HE is with us as the work to be finished by us.

It does seem that sometimes when good GOD comes to us, HE brings us a chance to be in control of what happens next. HE gives us grace to use the free-will so that only by this can our love be so real and potent and true. Sometimes, GOD comes in ways that we would have to refuse HIM if we are so resolute on what we know which is far lower than what HE is. And that is why when GOD came to him as a promise of covenant and community, Esau GOD as nothing more than a commodity he could mortgage for Jacob’s pottage.

Esau GOD as a tool to be used (much like most of our prayers these days), as a medium – subject to the wielder. Esau GOD as something he could lose and maybe someday con his way back. Esau wrong and he saw nothing of the very propensity of the plan of GOD. It was more than a blessing and a rite of passage in ownership; it was the very promise and plan to save the whole of creation by the existence of a chosen race. To me, that was the very definition of being called-out by redeeming grace but Esau it not.

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