God is not quiet.

From Hebrews 1:1

Although silence is a presence and not just absence, there is a flipped side of this narrative which is important to establish and that is the point where GOD is not quiet.

GOD is not silent.

GOD has never been and it is alarming to realise this that because we are not aware of a thing doesn’t mean that said-thing doesn’t exist.

In the days of old, GOD spoke to humanity through prophets. I reckon when the writer of the Book of Hebrews begun that way, they had seen that there would be a point and time where and when we would describe GOD as unwaveringly uncaring and involved in a process of abandonment. But no. Heaven always had, has and shall have a provision for humanity such that there is no lapse for ignorance or the lack of the knowledge of GOD at human expense. I reckon surely that GOD makes and made no mistake(s) to ensure that humanity had and has no excuse of ignorance on the existence of the creator. The boiling point is on whether we believe what we know – which we also witness to ourselves – to be true.

In the days of old, GOD spoke through prophets: through mantles of honour, qualified by HIS very annointing and choice. GOD spoke through trees, through animals, through famine, through mountains, through prophets whose pedigrees were both high and mighty as well as low and destitute.

GOD spoke to those who were desolate as much as GOD spoke to those who were found by calling upon HIS holy Name. This was a dispensation of the revelation of GOD to humanity.

However, this unchanging GOD is as creative as HE is not static and the very progressive creator – whose sequence of creation “improves” – thought it appropriate to reveal HIMSELF in humanity to humanity.
Thus, when the time of redemption was right, GOD – now – in these last days speaks to us through HIS Son, JESUS CHRIST, the very image, revelation and highlight of GOD, the divine spirit and being whose breath is the force of any and all that is.
GOD is never quiet. The voice of GOD is life and light.

GOD doesn’t conceal, HE is light and so HE reveals. All that is secret before GOD is unveiled and for humanity, GOD’s love is revealed in that while HE was disquieted by our natives, corrupted, HE was never quiet to our futures, healed.

If any and all experience silence, and reckon that GOD is quiet then it is only right that we search to see that we, too, are listening, first, because GOD comes to us through anything and everything if we are willing to meet and listen to the humble yet humbling creator.


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