The Will of GOD

One point of belief that the Christian theist should agree to affirm, at all times – regardless of how accepted or objected it is by the world – is that all things that have happened, that happen and shall happen are for a divine reason.

All things which have happened are because GOD has either orchestrated them or allowed them.

Therefore all things are either perfect in HIS Will or permitted in HIS Will and everything which has happened is for a reason which only the Divine Approach can reveal without wavering.

Yes, there is evil in the world and life is unbearable and unfair and it is hard to comprehend a world of peace with all these grief of the lack of peace and it is scary to live in this world and oppose all its standards when your very life could be used as a message of conquest and it is alarming how the Christian theist has denounced the duty of soldier and defender of truth and apologetics because the world is raging in a fire of its own anger.
It’s amazing to see that the world is also angry with itself.

There is so much going on and many more to distract us by; soon, we forget why we came, by what means we became and where we are going or by what means we go. I reckon that it’s easy to dwell in the affairs of the world and be lingering in its philosophy than to uphold the thought of GOD and harmony that comes with the nature of GOD in us. Easy. However, “easy” has not always been right.

For GOD’sBondMan – and others alike – regardless of what we face or what faces us, we must be prepared to affirm in all good graces that the Will of GOD is eminent in the very result of the world, today.

Whether we have left the standard of GOD and consequently suffer whereby HIS Will – for that context – is to show us the consequence(s) so that we turn from it or it is to strengthen us for an eternal and everlasting testimony to which only humanity can share and encourage the universe by, GOD’s Will is undeniable.

And to answer the question the previous statement might raise, if anyone has abandoned the other, it is humanity that has, often times more than once, abandoned GOD and all HIS ways – never the other way around.

Therefore, all that has been and is and shall be is by the very Will of GOD.
We may choose to go against it or obey it, but it is certain that it is the wheel by which we all spin. It is the topic of our thoughts, it is the breath of our lives. We can decide to ignore that it is present in all we do both as the moral residue of creation and the witness of truth but it doesn’t change the truth that it is there.

If we are bothered by our distractions to see it, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t see us and all we think, say and do.

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