Empty II

When the human is empty or emptied or is emptying self, they should not run away.

It is not best to run away from the process of purging self. It is ideal to empty self of its rights to derail the thought of the creation of humanity.
To empty self, one must be ready to let go of that which seems to hold life together. What you cannot live without – which is not GOD or is not placed by GOD – is that which empties the human and must be emptied to fill up the soul and feel the ember of the love of the creator.

To be filled, the man must empty self of that which empties man for that which is ideal to fill up man.

In the emptiness of self and the emptying gauge of man, there is a glimmer of hope and elevation which the man can see only when they are not filled with self. Sometimes, the reason we can not see GOD is because we see gods.

When we see ourselves as gods, standing in the place of GOD and not representing HIS Will on the earth, we are unable to see GOD in all HIS glorious states.

It’s ironical to think that we are blind to the sight of GOD when we are focused on the sight of ourselves. To think that we are the only enemies to fight our progresses to the peace of eternity.

For the man to be the man that was created to be, the man must be ready to become less of all they have orchestrated – by self – to be. Which means to hand over the right of control to GOD which they had before the surrender.

To be filled by being empty of all desires and secret hopes and dreams which stand as evil imaginations against the knowledge of GOD. For man to be lifted up, man must cast down the thoughts and imaginations which are highly esteemed but are, in their make-ups, abominations to the ordinance of GOD.

In emptying, we must be ready to accept at all times that, whatever we cannot let go of to see GOD has become god to us.

If we cannot let go of ourselves, we, too, have become gods to ourselves and all gods to humanity are in enmity with the GOD that created humanity. Thus, because there is no middle ground or limbo, we are either controlled by ourselves as gods or by GOD as divine tools to the completion of the great design of the universe.

It is important to note that, being controlled by self is the very seed of corruption to humanity.

Wherein, our ultimate goal and task is to fill up fallow grounds by emptying ourselves of broken images of GOD through corruption. In this, we are born again, a trial of perfection by perfecting every moment at a time until the very statute and stature of divine peace is complete and our salvation is actualised as it is virtualised in our walk of faith and hope.


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