BOND 80: Playing GOD

Recently, I had discussions with my father, Reverend Olusegun OBAFEMI and a friend, Folaju Olumide (separately of course) and it was about what they believed GOD was teaching from what many perceive and teach as a domestic Con?

What can the universe learn from a perceived act of deception and seeming theft of Fatherly blessings?

What can GOD’sBondMan learn from hairy-hands and venison savoury meat, from a cunning hunter being conned, from an eavesdropping mother as well as an obedient simple man who unwittingly rectified a glitch to distort the Will of GOD concerning HIS Promise of Hope and salvation?

What can we learn and what can be learnt?

When it comes to the fulfilment of the promise of GOD’s Covenant, GOD has both HIS Purpose and Will (which are HIS Thoughts to accomplish) and to fulfil this or answer “how it shall be”, GOD has HIS Master Plan which is the very blueprint of sequences which make up the construction of the Will of GOD.

Noteworthy is the point that the authority to know what is to come and the moral authority to work that which is to come to fulfilment is the prerogative of GOD.

It is important to know that man should not attempt to “help” GOD in the fulfilment of HIS Will BUT man should be available to be used by GOD in the fulfilment of HIS WILL.

The above Looks like a contradiction and a conflict to be resolved but when we know what the Will of GOD is, we should refrain from trying to get it to fulfilment by our own ways and our power simply because we can. What man does when they do this or try to is to set off the very balance of creation by upsetting the role and order of GOD. Even in a bleak circumstance, GOD is always in control to bring to fulfilment what HE HAS promised.

So, GOD’sBondMan must be careful to refrain from tampering with the sequence of GOD’s WILL in actualisation.

The fight is not by your might but by the light of GOD’s understanding.

The bond is not to “play GOD” but to be available when GOD calls us to manifest in line with HIS Will. If we seek to complete what GOD has not asked us to – simply because we wish to show that the glory of GOD is upon the earth and through us – we set ourselves up for the punishment of those who “play GOD” or try to: damnation.

To “play GOD” is to attempt to accomplish the work of GOD by our own ways. And to avoid this, humanity must be resolute to never contemplate on the thoughts of GOD with its worldview because what we understand grows little by each day we explore into our understanding of existence.

However, just as we should not try to complete the work of GOD by doing so in our own ways, by our understanding or by leaning in what we know to accomplish what we do not know the purpose of, we should also refrain from trying to interpret the thoughts of GOD by our thoughts and understanding.

Therefore, the sacrifice of our obedience to GOD is to do what HE says, in the way HE says it, at the time HE says what HE says to be done and where it is all slated to be. In the end, the highest price of our service to GOD is to make ourselves available, to surrender what it is – that we have – because what we have is what GOD has given.

We should be resolute to see what GOD sees, the way GOD sees it and not try to subject the Will of GOD to our human moral standards. Apparently, GOD is not man.

When humanity surrenders as a corporate channel to the manifestation of GOD then our actions or inactions, consciously or unconsciously work into the completion of HIS Will which is the very wheel of balance for existence.

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