Why GOD Does Not Work

I believe that this is for those who believe in GOD, who know that there is GOD, who can testify that they have felt GOD, seen GOD, heard GOD, have spoken to God, have tasted GOD and in many forms have met the very revelation of GOD – which is beyond proof-seeking and is why they do what they do and shall do what they do in the way they do what they do. It is for those whose blood pump by fire of the Holy Ghost and whose nostrils breathe the Holy Ghost Air, who face the world by the very power of the Word (of GOD), Divine Will and the Thought, without inflections of corruption or guile.

This is for the people who have no doubt that the created have a creator and who have told the truth which both stars and their beating hearts witness to them. It is for those who see every ray of sunlight as an evangelical reminder of the forth coming of the King of all ages and the rock of all thrones, JESUS, Our LORD.

One of the reasons why “GOD doesn’t work” is because we love the thrill of GOD and what GOD can do for us but we neglect what we should do to “get GOD to do” what we know GOD can do.

We tell ourselves that we wouldn’t go to GOD until we are ready but we live in a world which rotates on the very platter that we would NEVER be ready.

If we breathe, we would never be ready and if we don’t breathe, we can not be ready.

If we wait until we are ready or deem ourselves ready to meet GOD, the way HE wants and demands to be met, we would never be in deed. And those who never meet GOD cannot make GOD work.

GOD would not work for those who do not work for GOD.

But to better articulate that thought, the essence of GOD doesn’t work if we have neglected our work of and to GOD. Thus, if GOD is quintessential transaction then investment yields profit.

One of the reasons why GOD doesnt seem to be proven is because GOD waits to see us prove that we can take it.

If the unskilled handled forge fire, they would be burnt; if they tried to fight lava, they would perish. If they tried to contain raging winds, they would be blown away and if they tried to swim on troubled seas, they would drown. In the similitude, If we aren’t prepared to see GOD, the Light, our darkness would cease to be when GOD, the right, comes and with the presence of light which is right, every thread of darkness and its unfruitful works of wrong are shredded and they pass away – including those humans who house them.

If we try to be ready at our own time, we would not be ready but by not being ready, we become adversaries to GOD since we can’t harbour the fullness of HIS glory and light which is the interpretation to understanding if all that is which tries to beset us in displeasure.

For GOD’sBondMan, the only way to stand GOD when HE comes is to understand GOD but to understand GOD, we should brace ourselves to learn of GOD when HE teaches and not when we want to learn, alone.

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