Finding GOD

Dear Yem Yem,

I believe that – aside the raging storm – you are well. I hope earnestly that, like Peter before the boisterous wind, you are walking on water to meet your saviour, Immanuel. HE bids you to come to HIM, every day. Step out of the boat, bother not whether you would float, worry not what words shall leave your throat, walk…walk for and towards GOD. There is peace in that moment of conflict to decide, before it and after it begins. Amen.

So I’ve always wanted to write a letter to you (whether you believe it or not), partly because I have so much to tell you that I believe the world can eavesdrop on. There is so much you didn’t get to hear from my mouth that I believe you should have. Anyway, I am hopeful the Holy-Spirit is the best substitute for long walks of musings on campus. Hold on to HIM like you do your favourite feather-stuffed pillow.

Yem, when it comes to who we truly are, it is important to remind you that we are who we are when nothing happens for us. When all we have desired do not go according to what we have planned and when the world is against us like a force breaking bricks without caution. It is at the moment when we lose everything that we are who we are. When we have nothing because we have been cheated and bruised and broken or lost just like Esau.

Now, I am not writing this to justify Esau or take sides on whose perception was right or whose sensitivity was dull to see the very thought of GOD. I am, in fact, writing concerning the aftermath of the climax. The setting is: Jacob is, now, lord of his brother and bearer of the continuity of the Promise and nothing can be reversed. Everyone has accepted what happened but Esau is unforgiving. That’s a human thing to resort to but watch what he does afterwards. He goes against what his father has asked him not to do by marrying from a tribe he is not supposed to as a means to protest the unjust result of his own making. Which is what we most times do when we let Self take control of our relationship with GOD. We fight GOD the best way we can. We disobey.

Yem, I want you to see disobedience beyond an error of omission to a conscious commission of protest. We fight GOD by disobeying HIM, by despising HIM, by telling ourselves that HE doesn’t exist because bad things happen to us and HE allows it. We fight GOD by doing what pleases us that displeases GOD because we are displeased by what pleases GOD. We take up the place of GOD, jest at HIS grace and we fight GOD when we litter our bodies with acts and thoughts which are unwholesome for temples of the Holy GOD. We fight GOD by darkening the light because life doesn’t go our way. We only believe GOD when life goes well but that’s an error.

If a human only loves when it suits them then it’s no longer love. If there is a condition attached to doing what is right, then such righteousness is wrong. If we place a template for GOD to fill before we love HIM and obey him, then we set our hearts for judgement. The reason why humanity deals with GOD and spiritual issues this way is because we have bad judgments and judge wrongly and wrong judgements are the result of taking the sight of self to view the light that GOD set in us as a witness. Remember GOD is THE judgement (true and through and thorough) but the adversary of GOD’s is a judgement. We become adversaries when we go against GOD’s judgement.

For GOD’sBondMan, to be a rebel to God is equally being dead: to sink in the sea, to mortgage your life to damnation solely to get back on GOD for letting bad happen to you. Yem, don’t be so. Be who you should be, who GOD wills you to be, resolute to Love GOD when it is good or bad because love doesn’t come as the result of what happens or doesn’t have; it comes as a nature of expression between the divine and the human. Before you set self in control to become bitter afterwards, hold forgiveness as your shield and fight with love. Do not despise GOD, who is your highest price. So don’t mortgages GOD for what you would eat or gain in the present. The gift of GOD is a security and surety for the future, here on earth and for eternal life which is the greatest hope for righteous being and living. So, the solution is to replace our course of fighting GOD as a cause for finding GOD.

Finally, hold fast to what is true, that JESUS is alive, and HIS grace is sufficient to raise – from the dead – all who have believed and lived to be just as HE had and has willed them to be. Like I said yesterday, quicken your flesh to become available for the Will of the LORD to fulfilled in and through your bones. In the end: GOD, the friend never leaves even if the world does when nothing works.

Call for help. I never cease praying.

Cephas Olatunde

You are wrong. The answer isn’t “nothing”, it’s acting, being able to live a thousand lives in one. Then again, ask GOD for what He thinks, GOD is never wrong.

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