The Reason and Advantage for Walking with GOD

This is for the private moments when you ask why do you actually follow GOD or why you actually need GOD in life or why there is a need to follow GOD. For now – as time and the grace of the Holy Spirit would reveal more – here is why there is a need to walk with GOD:

Walking with GOD provides the Man with an introspection of what GOD had made when GOD formed man and when GOD created man.

It brings to your consciousness the mechanism of understanding which creation embedded in humanity. It shows the Man the vast reach of power which the will of the mind possess and describes – with proof of believe – the prowess of life which existence upholds in the being of humanity. It reveals the words that are conveyed in every heart beat; where it is your heart which has always taught you what it was taught by GOD and by this what it has kept as a result of the thought of GOD which is the ever present Will and Presence of the Almighty in the much-feeble life of humanity.

The walk of GOD is discovering what the intention of GOD was and is as GOD called your bones into your flesh for the obedience of life and not death. It is the revelation of the concept and course of GOD.

Thus, life – in this view – is “GOD teaching us about us”. It is GOD making us see that we are better; and doing so without force.

Walking with GOD is GOD showing you the composition of who you are without imposition. It is GOD unveiling the power of consciousness; of the conscience; of the moral palace of the divine order which the man (male and female) is located in; of the blissful rain, falling from the glittering knowledge of the dwelling of GOD in man.

For GOD’sBondMan, this is what binds man to life. Living is walking; although, it is not always so that we walk towards and of GOD and that is what poses a fear that many walk but not towards the very source and pure eminent of existence. It is fretful and almost worth worrying to see that many walk towards their end. This…this end here is not referring to a stop or conclusion of discovery but a destruction of what should have been discovered.

In the absence of the knowledge that this discovery of self and nature of soul brings, humanity is not equipped to see GOD in GOD’s true form; and that is why for those who do not understand what GOD wills them to understand, they cannot stand the edifice and entity of GOD within and weeding their humanity to a prime print of bliss. This goes beyond all success stories of the earth; it shows beyond the distress stories of our breaths as they decay that we are responsible to prepare ourselves or decide to be prepared for the full statute of GOD’s Thought and Being.

Walking with GOD is not just a call of piousness, it is a haul of the being into the very core and foundational reason why “you are”. What this means is that until you understand yourself, you can not grasp the understanding of GOD but to understand yourself, you cannot depend on yourself to do so. That is the CONFLICT OF THIS PIECE.

Invariably, to understand GOD, you need to understand self but to understand self, you need to lay down yourself to be taught of and by GOD the true thought of GOD concerning the nature of self and the place which self has in the understanding of GOD as it is your duty to do so if you should see no corruption for all eternity.

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