A Confession of Identity

I am what happens when GOD and dust melt into flesh.

I am what the thought of GOD looks like when all imaginations are melted into form.

I am the point that points back to its maker whether I agree to that or not.

I am made in the mechanism of GOD and by this mechanism, I am made of much more than I can comprehend.

I am what happens when time, chance and change are subject to the ordination of GOD.

I am what occurs when coincidences converge into the bowels of miracles.

I am not magical but I spell a form of the essence of GOD.

I am an explanation of GOD’s love and whether or not I agree to tell the story of HIS faithfulness, it would not change the point of truth that GOD is faithful.

I am not subject to what I perceive of myself based on what I hope I can be but I can be all I should be if subject to the perception of GOD on myself which is the hope of purity.

I am not a compilation of the result of reactions of gases and elements from nothing. “Something” became complete because I came and that means I am a part of the pact of a plan.

I am fulfilled to fulfil an ordinance which is greater than I am. If you look at me on a day of truth, I walk like GOD walks…I should; I should talk like GOD talks; I should live like GOD lives and should leave when GOD leaves.

If GOD retreats, I would not stay to fit into deceit solely to survive.

Dear universe, if you ever forget GOD in all HIS definite beauty, I am your reminder; but if I am forgetful (GOD forbid it) the universe in all its order and beauty would remind me.

I am reminded that the peace within the chaos is GOD. The beat within the silence is GOD. The wit within the lack of it or confusion is GOD. The consciousness before there is a knowledge, the substance before the evidence, the making before the made is GOD.

I am because the “I Am” is The “I Am”.

I am the evidence for days which seem to have none that GOD is and those who are drenched in belief would see HIM: face to face as friends agree to be common for a sole goal of completeness.

2 thoughts on “A Confession of Identity

  1. Glorify JESUS. This is a wonderful piece. Glory to God. The content are articulate and crucially divine. The timing is great. This is the bond man- boy really growing on great Grace. I bless the Lord. Dress and keep this form and standard. Be blessed. Shalom.

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  2. Glorify JESUS, Dad, thank you. I’m very grateful for the encouragement. By HIS Grace, I shall “dress and keep” HIS expectation of this journey. Shalom🤗


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