The House of GOD

For Jacob – after gaining consciousness from the vision in his slumber by night – it was certain, to him, that the place he slept was the House of GOD. His conclusion was that where GOD is and where GOD’s presence is felt and experienced has to be the house of GOD. That’s one side of the narrative; consequently, GOD’s presence can be felt anywhere and everywhere so it is not necessarily a particular location (in this terms, physical), it goes beyond that.

What is The House of GOD?

So to Jacob Ben Isaac and by extension to all those who feel GOD’s presence and enter into “GOD’s House”, the House of GOD is the heart of man. It is not a pile of stones or a tile of bones or a place of rocks and mountains and caged seas – raging to be free. It is not solely where the sun touches or doesn’t touch. It is not a place that man can build. It is a place and mechanism that can stand the Presence of GOD, the light, the fire, the judgement, the consciousness, the truth, the voice of hope, the choice of creation, the being of all that is and will be – which were.

The House of GOD is that which only GOD can build and only GOD can sustain and only GOD can retain and retrain and contain or control and stabilise. It is not the making of man or that building or any and all that man can propose to device by their hands and wit. The House of GOD is that which connects the divine host of GOD’s sovereignty with the earthly host of contrite humanity.

GOD’s house is a present, a point of knowledge, a beating, a sitting counsel of HIS Will and Might. The House of GOD is the guard; the true revelation of heaven upon the earth.

In this context, GOD’s House is an elevation of dust and blood into fire and spirit and Will and Truth and Grace. GOD’s House is “amen”. Let it be so: an agreement of creator and creation, created. GOD’s House is the court of HIS Glory but also a representation of HIS patent order and signature of HIS undisputable essence.

Human advancement cannot debate to decade the House of GOD or the presence of said-house. In fact, humanity is what it is and all that it should be which it is yet to be because of the House of GOD.

This House – of GOD – is the gate of heaven to earth and vice verse; therefore, the entry of GOD’s ultimate Goal and Will and Plan and Design is by and through this house and all of life in validation and convergence of dreams and actualisation of truth and justice is by the working of this house.

It is the heart of man that is the House of GOD.

If GOD is to come into man and into the very core of the earth, which is the dwelling of man, it is by the entrance and means of the heart.

The heart is the constant reminder that there is GOD. It is beyond a physical organ of survival or adaptation to life or sustenance, it is the medium and embassy or emissary of GOD’s standard of love – unrelenting, unchanging, unbiased, and unwavering.

However, we cannot be custodians of the House of GOD when we have set in flame the goodness of HIS Creation by corruption of its essence: making what is love, become wickedness and hateful and distasteful. It is because the human has made their heart wicked, that the human is unable to see, converse and please GOD as they should. It is why we cannot, by default in corruption of The Fall unravel the perfection which perfects our being and that is GOD.

To change the course of the damnation of man is to create in them a new house, to repair the cord of the old and damaged one so that heaven may make enhance into the earth and dwell with them who have made room for the coming of truth and love and light which is life, GOD, THE Will of the universe.


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