GOD’sBondMan BOND 88: [Renewal]

In the process of renewing my mind to find more fortitude for this journey of 369 Days with and to GOD, I asked myself yet again, “why GOD’sBondMan”? Why do I have to go through these bonds searching and studying, to arrive at both the known and the unknown; to address what is comforting as well as destabilising? Why does GOD take HIS beloved through a valley of shadows and of death to find the worth of life? Why this, why that, what those and why these?

The journey would answer to itself but here is the bond of renewal: at every point of development, renew the mind, renew the vision of the heart lest it becomes blind, renew the kind of affection you give to the understanding of your journey in, to and by GOD.

Renew renew renew.

Revisit to review to re-affirm the newness because GOD comes to every dawn with newness and only a renewed mind can behold the newness of GOD.

That said, here is why there is a journey such as this.

It is to establish the need for renaissance. To bring to human consciousness that GOD wants to bond with man just as much as man should want to bond with GOD. GOD wants to be in man and for this, man should remain in GOD. It is a symbiosis and that is what GOD’sBondMan is about: walking with GOD. Getting to know GOD from an unbiased scope like understanding the white light as it hits the spectrum, and not just settling for the colours of the Rainbow but seeking the pure light, first.

Consequently, I must affirm at this point that walking with GOD is about been healed; being healed by the same process that created you. It is about being ordered: a surgical procedure where all components are aligned into place and structures are fine-tuned into good grace. It is about setting bones to right sockets and memories to beautiful lockets. It is GOD: healing you with you; GOD revealing that the solution to healing the man is in the man when the man is in full understanding of why the man “should be” in the first place; GOD showing the man can be how the man should be.

GOD is the light that reveals to the man what they cannot see because they have refused to renew the understanding to the purpose of creation.

The aim or one of the aims of GOD’sBondMan is to walk with the very answer to all the questions. The end is a rendition of the answers of peace but as fingerprints differ so, too, the answer of peace to every individual.

For GOD’sBondMan, it is about unravelling the bond with GOD which is the bond within man to evolve by the process of creation.

To be healed by that which creates you.

It is at this point that I can say that every day in this journey is creation where the host of the purpose of heaven fits into consciousness the discovery of what has been made.

By renaissance, there is understanding

2 thoughts on “GOD’sBondMan BOND 88: [Renewal]

  1. That scripture is a precious gem, always popping up everywhere. 😂 Thank you, Lola, I’m grateful and I say an “amen” to “finishing well”. GOD bless you in HIS Will. Shalom🤗

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