The Well

Retailing Retelling An Original “Jacob meets Rachel” Scene.

When the lights come up, the narrator walks to the stage with a smile that says, “I know something you all dont know yet”. Her condescending display is not inducing but we couldn’t get a replacement in time.

Jacob must be tired, with an outer skin made of an extra layer of dried-out sweat. The sun is high and hot and it’s almost noon when his feeble eyes find water from a well.

Jacob walks to the well…let’s not exaggerated things here, he couldn’t have necessarily crawled…he walked.

I think – because I know – the concept of “the well” has to be iconic, let’s ensure it is a brick-laid well with rupturing wood that helps to a paint the very symbolic parable of “the one who waters needs watering”.

For me, whenever there is a well, all is about to be well.

Think of the future: Jesus and the woman of Sychar (whose name, I am in dire need to know), or how about Moses and the daughters of Jethro (daughter or daughters, I couldnt care, yet), even Joseph, thrown into an empty well. In all these, I see that although events are sour-coated, they are in their inner forms pleasant and towards an edifying end.

For some, the well is the place of cleaning or resource; for some, a change of trajectory in the course of destiny; to some, it is about meeting love and giving meat to feeble love or it’s about finding answers, or being strengthened beyond just being refreshed. To some, they disagree and quarrel but for others it’s about fighting and defending the helpless but for Jacob, it was about finding completion of journey; it was about having the consolidation that the journey is over (to a desirable end) and – for the sake of life – only for a few days and Jacob thought he would be out of the town.

I could talk about the rhetorics of Jacob, in his enquiry, he was disillusioned, seeking answers that everyone had – save him – but didn’t really need. My point is, if we are to tell this scene properly, we need to realise that it is not the making of Jacob’s to plot the sequence of the actions in his life. Much like the quintessential GOD’sBondMan. Your life is not yours because what is truly yours is in total dependence to the life of GOD, the owner.



In the Bond, 90, I share my “errors” in the final cut; Thus the words stroked through.

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