The Well 2

In the First Part of The Well, I needed to set the background for what I would address in this bond. Now we are up to speed with the context.🤗

Sometimes, you are tired: feeble-in-mind when your thoughts fight you; you are in need of direction, looking for “home” away from home; disappointed, because the best of your life has proven to be the worst case of repercussion. This is why the well is so unique, it talks about a location, a directory of convergence, it is for thirsty people: those in need, coming to draw from an unending supply of refreshment.

The well is for answers, really; a spring of waters living to live within you as evidence of satisfaction.

Whether the journey begins in or at the well or ends at it, I am sure that the well is an instrument of GOD to mould the cause and course of events in fate which are subject to the workings of faith – belief which is sewn into every human breath for action and being.

In fact, if truth be addressed, GOD is the well: fulfilling, bringing all walks to a place of agreement.

Whether you believe the water is there – deep in the well or not – it doesn’t warrant dryness. For the issue of the well, the bucket to fetch is faith; casting into unknown and unseen waters to bring forth from the fort of GOD, a measure and answer like treasure.

If you attach a bell (a symbol of hope and discernment) to the bucket’s rope (which is the manifestation of worship), it would ring until water takes over the sound. This is the high-frequency awareness:

…the deeper the well, the louder the bell…

…but the bell goes silent when water has been found.

When answers have been found, then silence is the sound.

When you have found GOD, the evidence for success is…GOD. Finding GOD is finding “value for self” and “validation for the soul”. For now, GOD’sBondMan should be bothered with asking GOD questions and not just the earth or those in it.

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