The Root

GOD is the root and I am the stem and all that stems from me is because the root is firm.

GOD is the beaut and I am the shoot and what you see of me is a product of the beaut in me. But GOD is in me although you cannot see and perhaps only until I am opened up by travails and suffering and pointy darts of hoping and waging wars of desires would you behold the mechanism of how I am what and who I am.

GOD is the root, I am the shoot and the works of my hand are the fruit.

If you accept the fruit but deny the root even though the shoot cannot be without its root, you have simply told a side of the story based on what you can see. But seeing that the clock ticks is not the only tale to be told about the clock and the machines which make the hands of time tick tock stick stock and take stock must be addressed. For some, the root is seen after it has been dug out or as a nature, roaming above the surface and for others, the root is unseen not because of sin but by virtue of the nature of the working of the tree.

I am a tree of three natures manifold in one being.

If you must deny GOD in me, then you must deny me, too. If you deny GOD to me, then you must deny me to you and I can deny that “you are” even if you are whether I accept it or not. If you deny GOD, don’t stop there, please, you must deny that I exist because GOD is just as alive as I am a life.

GOD is the foot and I am the boot, you don’t accept the fine walk by the boot but ignore that the foot walks in the boot.

If you must deny the life of GOD, then you must deny the strife for GOD which is found in every thing that is and buried in everything that was. If you must pretend that the order of the world or existence – to the larger scale – is by any other means except its creator, please by all means deny that your creation is yours, too.

GOD is the truth and I wouldn’t be mute.

If I have seen this glory then I shall tell this story. GOD is in me and it is by GOD, that I am as I am.

One thought on “The Root

  1. Boot and foot.
    He is my Root and am the shoot.
    My Fort, my Rest .
    Abide in Him, my great desire.
    Without Him, I bear no fruit.
    My fruit, from Him, through Him.
    My most beautiful accomplishment 😊😊.

    N. B as usual… Spontaneous.
    I really really loved this…

    Liked by 1 person

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