And this is what the LORD shows:

That all you have gone through is a testimony of GOD and a testimony for you.

All that has been proposed is GOD’s footprint and a step on the dust of the earth, a present mark that stamps HIS justice and victory over all that dares to dare GOD. All that HE has allowed is for HIS pleasure. All that he has allowed is for a place in HIS Will to be hungered for, to be thirsted-for, to be longed for. All that has been is for GOD to be shown and revealed and this is eminent in that until we seek the counsel of GOD concerning what is “bad” to us, we do not see what is good for us.

All that has happened to you is a testament of GOD and a testament in you.

It is heaven procuring a perfect testimony. It is GOD orchestrating the perfecting harmony through you.

If the world would understand the glimpse of GOD, then the world would do so through the very story and life that you live. All that had been until now is the work of GOD and you have been the work of GOD and all the aches and regrets are to become an offering unto the very masterpiece of GOD – who makes beautiful sequences from rubbish, from rejects, from those who have been ejected, from trash, from empty and desolate people, from hopeless and depressed places, from placeless and troubled waters.

GOD makes from the unmade, from the unmatched flawed into the mesh of raw genius and brilliant perfection.

That is GOD for the redemption that HE is.

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