Believe I

Do you believe?

Yes, I believe.

What do you believe?

I believe GOD is GOD. GOD is no invention or convention nor should GOD be by imposition. GOD should be by revelation, by obedience to instruction; by no mere construction of intention. I believe GOD is the solution. The fraction that ensures motions of all that dictate life: earth, moon and sun. GOD is the resurrection, the fusion of all explanations for being and seeing and living and believing. Belief is the momentary atom of GOD’s design to be seen, all who live are so because of belief; thus, since all living have belief then for all to live, there is GOD in all – resolved or refuted.

2 thoughts on “Believe I

  1. Yes! and Amen! The Reality is the same and the truth would always stand. You are right. Thank you very much sir. GOD bless you, too.


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