Believe IV

Do you believe?
Yes, I believe.

Where do you believe?

…in front of a gold-plaited temptation; before hunger; at crucifixion – like a thief hanging beside the saviour; in famine; at near-death and equal death situations; on fear; in fire; standing by the fig-tree which is barren; before barren lands burnt by wild fire which were, prior to the vanishing smoke, a bountiful harvest. I believe in the high mountain; at the temple; at three roads meeting like three heads of a wounded hydra; at the face of Goliath’s final roar before the glimpse of a hell of defeat becomes reality. I believe at Golgotha; at Pilate’s clean hands; at chariots gathering to meet; in the running footsteps of heavens – I mean rain. I believe at moments of confusion – at least, I should; I believe at wells: before love is complete; I believe at wells: before lores are complete. I believe everywhere; I wear my belief everywhere: where every fear meets to tear me apart; I bear my belief like a mark on my forehead, right hand and feet. I believe in my heart, in my art, in my act, in my dart and wherever I am at. I believe now, I will believe for all the time I have – even for ever.

One thought on “Believe IV

  1. Amen. He will always help our unbelief at the moments, every moment we cry out “Help my unbelief! ”
    I wear my belief as my skin. Yes, my belief, the very fiber that makes me a being.
    I do believe that He is I AM and that will never change. Forever HE remains. I believe He love me and has beautiful thoughts of me and for me. I can go on but let me keep some for my heart to keep musing on 😊😊

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