Believe V

Do you believe?

Yes, I believe.

Who do you believe?

I believe GOD. I believe GOD is Father and beginning. I believe GOD is priest and evening. I believe GOD is JESUS and JESUS is GOD. I believe in JESUS and all HE lived, reached, preached, healed, fought, died, resurrected and ascended for. I believe in man; in GOD in man; in GOD, The Man; in Man and GOD becoming one when man wants to know GOD as much as GOD knows man. I believe in me, in my salvation through faith and my salvation in hope. I believe in the mind and the strength it has that before the rope speaks, “end”, there is an end that doesn’t end. I believe in the Holy Spirit – GOD, The HOLY-SPIRIT – and the unseen frame of grace and mercy walking and working in my bones to complete the work of creation. I believe, I shall be like the leave and go with the wind of faith. I believe in GOD’sBondMan and that all of man should be in (the) bond with GOD.

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