Believe VI

Do you believe?

Yes, I believe.

How do you believe?

I pray, I say and in the day, I do… I stay and I pay and I keep in the way. I lay off weights, and rise to make hay and receive every message of GOD by the rays of the sun. I talk to GOD and GOD talks to me and I am GOD’s beloved as HE is and at HIS Word I live; thus, I believe. I believe by asking and receiving, by hoping and seeing, by sharing with heaven and by daring self to appropriate submission. I believe by leaving doubt behind, by hiding nothing, by confessing and by confession to conquer, by conquest of mind and soul and by taming thoughts to a standstill till they meet the prove of light and truths and GOD.

I…I have so much to say but I’II stop at it for now.

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