1-11TH translates as the Eleventh of January.

Dear H.A.R,

Glorify JESUS,
I salute the light of GOD upon you. Amen.

I, too, am an alien: the origin is unfamiliar to the world. Where I came from distresses this world and where I go, too, is worse disturbing to the world.

I do not take it likely that I see things differently. I do not take it as offense to be strangely perceived or misunderstood or as a result, oppressed and antagonised or persecuted.

I am comforted because others, like me, have died; others have died, being like me; others have died trying to be like what I now am. In fact I am as I am and as I shall be because some people paid the sacrifice of their lives so that I, too, would have this life and one day give it so that, one day, someone would have the renaissance of this life and all this is because the one: Son of GOD lived HIS Life, gave it – in death – and took it back: to show us that we, too, shall have our lives if we give it – in death – to the standard and ways of this world.

I am an alien and so are you, but for a good reason, praise GOD. You reason defiantly and differently and it offends those who love to be in speculation as a means of evaluation – who wish to remain on “I don’t know” as a means of “I know…”.

You give reasons for being and why this is this and that is that and why this is not that or that is not this and you are fought for it. The very mention of being different in the way you are upsets the balance of this world.

I have observed, more times than a dozen, that in the very moment I say, “I love GOD, I believe GOD and I follow GOD because I trust GOD and GOD is to me as light is to see” the earth begins to rotate in a contrary sequence. Oh wait it doesn’t, that was just me spinning in glee of the truth.😂😅😀

Now, H.A.R, if we are true to this pattern of life and thought and being which ensures that our bearings are alien, different and off the mainstream of this world, then we must be ready to be misunderstood.

We must be ready to be “wrong” because on the platter of discernment, both opposing sides cannot be right on the same discourse.

That said, being different from the world, is a great gain; if the world rejects you because the world can’t stand why you are, which is true to the thought of creation, rejoice!

If you differ from the world because CHRIST differs from the world, then be glad!

If the world is in enmity with you because it is wrong and you are right or on the path which leads to THE right, be joyful!

If the world hates your love – which is the love of GOD and for GOD – which binds you to do only that which is in line with the peace of GOD that passeth all understanding of the physical and facts, then be exceedingly glad!

The reward is abundant.

That, is the great treasury, to hold on to the truth even if it is rejected and fought because it is not palatable with those who lie shoulder-to-shoulder with the lie.

So H.A.R, that’s is my rebirth. On 1-11, I came to the full and final affirmation of this assertion.

The world does NOT have to accept me for me to be acceptable unto GOD. If GOD has accepted me because I have accepted GOD then I am reborn.

Rebirth is the new birth: the greatest resurrection of the life of GOD in man is the beautiful cry of “Abba, Father” that I, child, would cry.

My bleeding is breaking off the walls of the world. It hurts because it purges, it empties, it flushes, it rushes into you and makes you whole. It is the breath of light and the freshness of being. The victory of struggle and the bundle of joy which is the salvation of my soul unto the glory of GOD: purity and the cause of purity.


I wrote this from the place of Ekklesia.

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