BOND 101: Repentance

It is a new step into a new journey and a newness is beaconing, and becoming. Here is what must be done:

When you leave the old life behind; when you set-off from the old deeds into a newness of life; when you turn your back on the rivers of lust and rebellion against GOD; when you move face-to-face with GOD, back-to-face with the evil past and take off the face of doubt – as a blinding mask, which it is – in this face-off for truths, take all that is good with you.

Take all that is good for the bearing of GOD-within-you with you.

If there is anything which is acceptable to the moral code and stance of GOD’s Nature and edifice of life – within you – take it as you leave.

If there is anything which is perfect in the Light of GOD’s love, please, take it.

Take all that is GOD’s Will: everything which will strengthen your course for GOD – as the cause of all that is – ensure that they are taken.

All that is good which is been extracted from evil and separated in sanctification; which correspond(s) with your sanctification, take them. Take all that is GOD’s in deep meditation, take all the inheritance that GOD rewards you with by HIS deep revelation. All the miracles of GOD: don’t forget them; don’t be ashamed of them, don’t be sceptical of them – even if they appear undeserving, take them.

Take all that is GOD’s as you leave this life behind but do not take gods with you.

All the idols of your past, your secret longings of lust – deep and buried in your lungs, breathe them out; never to be inhaled again. All the memories of evil communion, all the regrets and the wrong judgements, all the immoral convictions and those which are disguised as righteous torment, do not leave with them rather leave them. Set them ablaze, watch the flame eat them up and heat them up till they melt in forgetfulness. If they cling to you, wade-off their fame; if they bring pity to you, shade off their blight. That which seeks your eternal death should be dead by eternal separation – hell.

If the adversary of your life seeks to bring to your consciousness the evils you have repented of and rent your clothes in contrite restitution, give a deaf ear. In account to truth and the GOD of truth, make – now – a covenant in the sight of man and in the light of GOD,

“I would not return to do this evil, I would not return to do this evil to others and this evil shall not return to do me, itself”.

Thus, as you return to the life that all constellations of GOD witness is yours, be of good cheer – the presence of GOD is your reward.


2 thoughts on “BOND 101: Repentance

  1. Amen and Amen. No hiding any gods like Rachael hid hers. No clinging to past lust as children of Israel did to Egypt. No longing for vain thoughts as Gehazi did with Neman’s gift. No looking back as Lot’s wife did to Sodom and Gomorrah.
    By the help of The Holy Spirit. Amen

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