BOND 102: Offering

Do you wish to surrender to GOD because this same GOD had – before sin – surrendered all HIS work, on earth, to you?

Do you want to surrender all that HE saw was good and placed in your hands to do good for and with?

If you should surrender then you shall surrender what is accepted to the Good LORD, made perfect, only by the witness of HIS Will to you.

Here, is HIS Will concerning surrendering unto HIM:

You should offer your heart as an harbinger of HIS authority upon the earth; as a temple which is host to the Divine Grace and Presence of GOD – who creates; and by the spoken word, all that has been made, was made. You should offer your heart as it beats, as it breeds the beating of life: every mark of time is precious unto GOD that you should sanctify the very core of life and the measure of the worth of life to the grace that guides beyond boundaries. Amen.

You should give your soul that HIS salvation may rid it from death in the eternal ages.

All the consciousness of life should be rendered as an offering unto GOD.
Everything which embellishes your thoughts, all that embraces your thinking, where your judgement and reasoning meet affection in the fitting imagination and memory of existence, should be hallowed as a passage of right and not wrong unto the only wise and noble inspiration of GOD through CHRIST who’s validation is our value worth and sentencing into perfecting bliss, Amen.

You should offer your mind – every mechanism and acre of thinking and thoughts – unto GOD’s creed. Nothing which is against GOD should take hold in your mind or root in your consciousness.

If consciousness is the price for fulfilment, then the consciousness of GOD: that “GOD is” and that GOD lives and that HE SHALL ALWAYS BE whether you be or not, leads to the fulfilment by GOD seeing that GOD never owes, Amen.

If you would offer unto GOD then you should offer your strength.

Every imagination, meek and holy, should be placed on the platter of submission wherein the energy of my being, the motivation by the inspiration of faith is submitted and offered to the place of GOD; that you may find grace in the very abundance of what GOD has given to you, Amen.

It is not by your offering that GOD makes your life a miracle to be wondered-over but that by your offering in HIS Will, you yield yourself to be clothed in the fullness of all that GOD has given. It is a test of your willingness seeing that GOD would not impose save only by the acceptance of the Human Will which is evaluated by the decision: to be GOD’s or be gods.


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