I KNOW FEAR for all its shades as it dances in a coat of many colours.

I am in fear and awe, always.

I live in fear. I live in the fear of GOD, of course. In a sublime reverence that GOD is and that being GOD as GOD, GOD is the reward in all situations, the consequence of all circumstances. It is not the kind of fear that drives me to physically resource hope in survival; rather, it attracts me to GOD.

It is the kind of fear which is coated in affection for the Divine – over the hovering of the earth.

It is as living as I am living. I live in the fear that I am GOD’s property and as such, to function well, I should live as GOD has made me to live. I live in the fear that all I know is because GOD has made me know them and that all I know is for a purpose – beyond personal interpretation – which when addressed gives the ignition of fulfillment and sense of purpose in my life.

My fear is rooted deep in my belief, it is the mantra that without GOD, I am nothing and it is GOD who is the substance and bearing of whatever I have been and shall become. If I leave GOD, then I cease to live as directed by eternal peace.

In the absence of peace, there is no iota of wellness and being.

I fear that if I displease GOD then I have also displeased myself seeing that I am at the mercy and grace of GOD.

My fear is, “lest I offend GOD and go off the end as man” I shall live life only as GOD dictates.

It’s a feat that speaks back when memories fail, it speaks in the voice of GOD, it quickens understanding. Yes, it is a systematic conditioning for me but all living are afraid giving the right place for truth-telling; mine, is that as GOD lives, then I live otherwise I am dead even if I breathe.


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