Bond 106: Repair

Dear GOD,

All that I placed before YOU were placed before me that I might see that they are not gods, worth worshiping; that they are straw, drawn by drunk fingers and they are canvases spread-out by wrong fingers. All that I placed before me to worship have been placed before me: my idols; my secrets; my lusts, which I find under my bones like fire burning without quenching – quenching my thirst for YOU; all those memories that stood in enmity with YOUR Thoughts in me have subjected themselves unto YOU, Amen.

All that I pleased before YOU have been ceased before me. The very desires I mounted like Babel’s tower building up to reach the root of YOUR Gates, to see YOU and conquer YOU in me have been confused and confounded. They have been washed away, scattered, disgraced, watered down and ruptured within since it is YOUR Grace that has been weeding them out of me so that I can please YOU – that YOU may be pleased with me, Amen.

All that I left YOU for have been left for YOU. All my unequal passions and turmoil, raging; my untold stories, telling; my unworthy moments, ticking; my unruly infirmities, sickening which I devoted all to get rid of, have been left. Every excuse which I used to refute devotion to YOU has been devoted to YOU as cues that YOU would use me through, Amen.

All that I couldn’t see; seeing that I had not enough faith do I see now – seeing that I must hear to see and see what I have heard, Amen.

All that has held me back from beholding the light, from holding the light and being the light have been dimmed and soon darkness would swallow itself from hunger since I no longer take light of the light of GOD in me.

LORD, repair me
LORD, prepare me.

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