Bond 107: Satisfaction

To be GOD’sBondMan, you cannot afford to be satisfied.

You cannot be satisfied with silence, with nothing, with incompletion, with vague explanations, with momentary pleasure or occasional pressure, with impressions and outward appearances, with good tidings unless they meet the acceptable mark of the gospel, with emptiness, with its that taste like truth to undiscerning hearts, with compromise and safe-play or free play and deceptive freedom, with the uncertainty haze, with life unless it is worth itself and life worthy of itself is life which has conquered death, Amen.

You cannot be satisfied with company unless it rids the solitude of soul with the presence of the LORD.

You, as GOD’sBondMan, cannot be satisfied with vanity and apathy and apostasy or with silence – again – with the status quo, with mountains which deserved to be levelled, with tables and the meat for kings, served to idols, first.

GOD’sBondMan cannot be satisfied with the peace of humanity; a piece of GOD, alone, or to please humanity and displease GOD.

You should not be satisfied with stained memories, with recalls wired by the enemy of the soul, with regrets, with wants. To be GOD’sBondMan, you can’t be satisfied with satisfaction on this earth and this insatiability can only be quenched when it is GOD’s life you live.

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