Bond 109: Beholding the Unseen GOD

On addressing the act of beholding the unseen GOD, it is important to address how man – male a female – began to “unsee” GOD. How can man lose sight of GOD?

By being man.

By being man and perceiving that, by being man, GOD can be seen by man, man stops seeing GOD.

It begins with a gradual blindness, a consistent but graduating degree of sight-loss, from the bright burst of colour to a dimness and dullness until it’s a monochrome and beyond this, it becomes blankness – a thick darkness and blackness and emptiness from nothingness and the void inability to express contact with light or form or avoid the void and vagueness of existence.

It begins with building a tower, of Babel, to rebel against GOD, forging to force the way of man into the Hands of GOD and to take GOD by the hands, forcefully, until we have wrestled everything away from divine to the “deemed fine” nonsense.

It doesn’t always begin with the ‘good God created a bad’ rhetoric or the ‘God is dead’ rhetoric: either meaning that GOD created all these and died or that GOD never lived and all these have no purpose either way we look at things.

This blindness grants nothing to vision, such that the blind human might argue with those who see that there is nothing because they, who are blind, see nothing. To them, because they see nothing and have no visual evidence of anything, there is nothing.

For the man who is now blind or gradually becoming so, because they see nothing about GOD, then there is no GOD because they cannot see GOD. It doesn’t mean that there is no GOD, necessarily, it simply explains that they have chosen to dismiss there is GOD because they cannot see that there is GOD.

However, when they are granted light and sight to light, then they see that there is GOD but until then they, the man, are blind. The mind of man is blinded, turned away from the enlightenment, wallowing in the vast yet empty space of darkness; and having a darkened understanding: all that is seen, if there is anything, is darkness. So when the world is illuminated in bright good, they still see gloom, still look at the dark side and the down side, the free fall, the ‘why isn’t it better‘s as opposed to the ‘oh it’s good‘s and the ‘it can be better‘s.

They become pessimistic in the name of being realistic. The goal is to see nothing good in everything because ultimately, they do not actually see good seeing that there is no good in darkness.

3 thoughts on “Bond 109: Beholding the Unseen GOD

  1. Let me add something 😀,been a while I commented:
    Nimrod a mighty hunter before God>Babel>A tower but by a people of same language and mindset against God.
    The Anti-Christ>A man who would seek to unify the world and religion against God.
    When we seek to see without God and His light which is The word of God-Bible-Jesus in words. Then we think again like Babel, Babylon, the same Babylon in Revelation…..
    Unity of man without God in the center, without God as source…

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