BOND 110: Beholding the Unseen GOD (Part 2)

GOD – seemingly – disappearing from our sight is not a spontaneous and instantaneous occurrence.

It begins with a desire and a longing to be more than you were made to be; to bore into the core and twitch this or tug-at that; to see what would happen if you didn’t happen the way you happened – if you had the choice to change everything. If you were god.

The initial stage of this kind of blindness is discontentment or displeasure: the lack of acceptance of that which the gracious process of creation has given to your humanity.

It begins with lack of joy for the bounty of creation; it comes from comparison: the need to covet, the hunger to be like another. For the Adams, it was to be like GOD, for us it is sometimes to be like a neighbour, to have what they have and be as they are. To be given as much as they have while neglecting the much we have. We seek salt-water when we have been given fresh-water or we seek fresh-water when we have salt water which gives us both water and salt.

We run away from the process because we crave the results: the finishing – often times, the finishing and not the processing. We look to what is finished and not how it was finished. All those who refuse to behold GOD have dampened their thoughts to how everything became and how they truly became.

As a result of this, we see what GOD does but not GOD who does what is done. It is likened to the woes of a puppeteer who gets our attention to be solely on the puppets rather that the strings which bind them to the fingers and even those stings are pointers to the very fingers of the puppeteer and we can see them and be assured that these wooden figures and dolls do not move on their own. Those strings are everything that GOD has left as maps, alarms and alerts to find HIM and be reminded that HE is still in the business of pulling strings if we are willing to see: life, nature, the nature of life and the life of nature.

3 thoughts on “BOND 110: Beholding the Unseen GOD (Part 2)

  1. God still pulls the strings
    God is still in control
    Though winds may blow
    Though billows may roar
    Though the tempter tempts
    Though steps get faltered
    Yea, God pulls the strings
    Everything planned
    Nothing out of control
    For though we see not as He sees all the time
    In His light, though we see light
    In His light is our path made right
    As we behold Him, just as He is
    We are changed, day by day
    Say by say
    Into His likeness.
    God pull my strings
    Everyday I pray.
    A spontaneous poem 😊😇

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