Bond 111: Beholding the Unseen GOD (Part 3)

This is to simply and not to totally represent GOD. GOD can be explained by the tree (which is one of the many strings attached to his fingers).

Behold the parable of the tree:

GOD is likened to a tree and the root of it and we were all made to be part of GOD. We see the tree: the stem, the branches, the leaves but in most cases we do not see the roots and how far they stretch deep into the soil to seek nutrients and water. We see that the tree bears fruits and the leaves are green or the stems are strong to pluck off or that they grow back once cut but we do not acknowledge the root that holds them firmly to existence.

Some roots are in the surface and in the open but many are buried deep into the ground. So, too, for some, GOD is seen most evidently in their lives, they live every moment as a testimony, every breath is a story, every reckon is an encouraging stance of the living GOD but for others, GOD is “hidden” working HIS Work like the wind without been noticed only when its force is higher than other times.

Those who have GOD, hidden, shouldn’t declare that HE is not. Like the root, HE is working to the finishing and embellishment of their existence.

(I shall revisit this parable much later, GOD giving me grace).

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