BOND 112: Beholding the Unseen GOD (Part 4)

I believe the difficulty with seeing GOD, as man, also begins with travails and aches and pains: the suffering, the feeling of neglect, the hate, the longing to be bold, the rejection, the crucifixion, the loneliness, the anger, the need to question why there is affliction yet the revelation of GOD maintains a promise of love and peace.

So this is when, I can remember, we stop seeing GOD:

It occurs when sin covers our reasoning to see GOD urging us to HIMSELF; it happens when we choose the pleasure we see instead of the treasure we would be in heaven: with all the memories of falling and rising and knowing that it was solely (by) GOD who caused us to overcome and triumph. The angels would marvel that in a world so evil we stood for good and followed that path till we beheld the everlasting Gates of Heaven. Amen.

It occurs when our consciences judge us as unworthy to behold GOD. They wrap us in a filter of guilt and of filth. They bear witness to us that we are dogs, trampling on HIS Grace; that we are liars, denying the enormity of the process of HIS Grace; that by turning our backs to HIS face: to HIS Law of Love and love for the law, we have put a distance between our humanity and GOD’s Divinity.

It occurs when our minds refuse to rotate through life to the very wonder of it all, when we lose sight of GOD is when we lose right to the light which unveils to us the true extent of GOD’s Purposive Will.

It occurs when we doubt, when we see and don’t believe, when we believe and refuse to see. When we believe GOD but deny that HE is the reward of all that is done or not done, when we deny the power of GOD working in all HE has created.

We do not see GOD when we do not seal the thought of GOD in our thoughts and hearts.

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