Reviewing BOND 100 – 110

I do not take it likely that I see things differently.
Take all that is good for the bearing of GOD-within-you with you.
All the consciousness of life should be rendered as an offering unto GOD.
My fear is rooted deep in my belief, it is the mantra that without GOD, I am nothing…
It was not a thing of shame to meet GOD face-to-face and put lust to the dust…
The LORD asked for an altar in the heart that HE may dwell in it (because GOD is a spirit whose tent is inward) and no longer forfeit the affairs of man…
All that I left YOU for have been left for YOU.
To be GOD’sBondMan, you can’t be satisfied with satisfaction on this earth…
The great loss of the enemy of the soul is that we know these and we accept them and we resist all instigations…
It doesn’t mean that there is no GOD, necessarily, it simply explains that they have chosen to dismiss there is GOD because they cannot see that there is GOD.
As a result of this, we see what GOD does but not GOD who does what is done. It is likened to the woes of a puppeteer…

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