Bond 113: Expedience

Before the condemnation or exaltation is the temptation.

Are you worthy?

It is not judged based on what good has been done but on the reason why the good was done. If you do good: it is, unto yourself, a building block, making the course of life for the blessing of good and doing good. If the law is kept, it is for the benefit of the law-keeping and the law-abiding and the law rewards by the law. If you save the face of humanity, it is for the duty of the salvation of humanity.

These good notions are not ultimate but they are rewarding. The height of humanity deserves that they should be done. The scale of reason demands that they be drawn into the portrait and picture of our existence but the factor of GOD is eminent in why we do what we do.

While the (hu)man knows what and who and when and where, it is the factor of GOD that tells of how and why.

Why do you do the good and how is it expedient?

For GOD’sBondMan, the pretext of every interface with life is if that which shall be done is ordained to be done. If it fits into the overall sketch of creation. It is not done because it can be done or because it is under the law, good; but that it is under the Love of GOD excellent and expedient.

If it is expedient, then it is worthy.

The temptation is on whether to do what is good and pleasant (although not ordained) or to do what is ordained as opposed to the enticing benefit of what is good. Evidently, by spiritual import, what is good is not enough but that which is ordained and settled by creation – which is expedient unto the very end of existence; seeing that existence, to expedience is solely the means.

You are worthy when you have met the standard of Expedience in good faith; fitting into GOD’s Purpose which is the completeness of your humanity.

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