Bond 114: Dream

I dreamt and behold I saw numbers.

Each representing times and realms of existence. Each Telling a self-consuming story of the essence of life. Each marking the space between what was and what is and what shall be. Each reminding the universe about the gracious quality of repetitions and each watching as we watch them tell us what and where we are in the order and sequence of being; being convinced that if we know nothing, we are aware that we are, now, as we are.

…that time is always present…

I dreamt and behold I saw trees.

Each reaching out to the heavens as though to remind the human that no matter how engraved we are on the earth, we are worth much more when we reach out to the heavens, to what we do not know but should know, to the vast space of knowledge, to the understanding that comes with the unknown becoming known. I saw trees, conscious of times and numbers, going through death to have life, being crucified and hidden until the beauty of the harvest, in death, is living. I saw trees teach the human consciousness that one can remain where they have been planted in the course and sequence of living and still reach out to the tethers of purpose and be fulfilled.

You can be fulfilled in creation

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