Bond 115: Dream 2

I dreamt and behold I saw cattle.

Herds and communion moving in one Accord. Moving with the rivers where the waters flow through, where the grasslands stretch to, where they are led, where they are fed, where their prayers are breaths and their songs are walking. I saw cattle who were not disturbed by the wave of life but that they were made for a reason and nothing – save that reason – was worth their attention. To the human, the attention of the mind should be to that which is the reason of your creation and nothing more or less.

I dreamt and behold I saw cups and wine and freshness and how it was that the grape gives up itself to become another state without refuting due to its reputation. For the sake of sweetness and service, the fruit gives root to the squeeze of the hand and the rest of the tongue and is placed under judgement – for all its worth is summarised under the very moment of taste. I saw that what is good is at the mercy of the judgement of what makes it good.

Life is about the process, the journey and then there destination. Amen.

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