Bond 118: STAND

If we stand before GOD – all our lives – to do what is pleasing before HIM, we would stand before men of high esteem and be pleasing in their sight.

If we stand before GOD – to do what is good in HIS Will and perfect in HIS intention – then when we stand before the world, we would be good; seeing that our only evil is that we are good regardless of what evil has done to us.

If we live our lives for GOD then when we live our lives among men, our lives would sieve men unto GOD.

If we do righteousness yet are accused of unrighteousness, it is GOD that would reward us for being on righteous deeds.

If we suffer loss and pain because we do not want to have the gain of the world but GOD, then we would gain GOD who takes away our pain and gives us the main treasure of peace which is more valuable than the world in all its riches.

If we deny the world and hold on to the word of GOD then it is our word that the world cannot deny because the Word of GOD – which makes our word – makes the world to see the truth in itself. All deep mysteries which are found in the world are gotten from the Word of GOD and are like feathers of GOD when HIS Wings are flapped over and across the world. When the LORD, GOD, moves over the world, then the secret things which are marvelous to behold are sent to remind us of who is over us – seeing though us and our intentions and thoughts and is a divider of our souls from spirits and decisions from intentions and actions from thoughts.

So if it comes to standing against the world – which stands against GOD – then there would be an understanding to uphold the stand of GOD and not the world which is forever under the stand of GOD whether it accepts it or not. Amen.

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