From a Torn Paper

…less of nothing and that is how it should be.

I affirm not just in prayer for what I shall get but in a declaration of what I have gotten: I own no a foe, I own naught.

That which I have is because I have been given.

I give back as I have been given. On this affirmation, I know that I was forgiven: a defining point and moment of redemption, the greatest gift of life and salvation in life was given to a wretch and undeserving living soul as I.

I give nothing less of what GOD has given.

If GOD has given life and the wealth of it, then I would not give death to that which has been given life by GOD. As GOD has given, I shall give: a sacrifice of love, a token of understanding is to hold nothing against another. To be bold before the order of GOD which is love.

I have no foe, I was created so.

I was created as a peace offering of blood and earth and breath of the creator’s love and imagination and so I forgive. I am the fourth in the giving order of the triune manifestation of GOD. I am a Fort of kind suffering and meekness. I am bought by forgiveness: a priceless purchase providing proof of potent peace. Piece by piece, the shreds of my iniquity laid and burnt by the fires of forgiveness. I forgive.

Oh the sweet joy as the savour of forgiveness rises up to the heavens, streams into consciousness like a song. Hallelujah!

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