Adam – who represented humanity and carried the mandate of all humanity, included the civilisations to come – stood before GOD as the perfect representation of GOD in dust – with no lust – to be a just caretaker of the dividends of creation. Who, for all the Will of GOD, was given charge over all that was created even himself that he would be the Dominion of GOD and the Host of Heaven upon earth.


To be the authority of GOD upon earth and to be heaven upon the earth.

Such that all humanity was made to be Paradise in themselves – fulfilling the course of the cause of their existence: to live as GOD lives, to be bond to GOD – not as slaves but – as extensions of the Purity of Purpose in GOD which reigns supreme over the universe and to do so upon the earth.

Adam, filled with all godly capacity was made responsible just as GOD is sovereign: to offer obedience – as tribute to GOD – to the word and command of GOD who has made him for GOD.

Thus, Adam, who gave name to all living things and character to them all as well as nature (seeing that a name is all these and more) was made in and as the image of GOD such that in the eventuality of GOD looking upon man, GOD may see GOD, The Man in man.

For all the worth of Adam, GOD made the man good, acceptable and perfect in HIS Will to complete – in final sustenance – the progression and sequence of creation.

Thus, as GOD’sBondMan, Adam – who is the definition of the entirety of humanity – was made to fulfil the Will of GOD upon the earth as man can and should and would in order to have and give peace. Amen.

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