Eve, from the rib of Adam, was bone of his bone and flesh of his flesh and mirror of Adam, who is mirror to GOD and the essence of GOD’s Will on earth but by creation, she made a protection of that which represents GOD on earth being equally a representation of heaven.

It was Eve, and by projection woman, who was created to protect life seeing that it is from the heart that all issues of life come forth.

Her breath was GOD’s and hers and his just as GOD’s breath was hers, given; and his, living until she thought it wise to be equal not with male man, alone but with GOD: to be like GOD as god and not to be like GOD as an extension of GOD. To have the judgement place, to have choice between what is good and evil, to make evil an option in the creation of good; negating the Will of GOD which had certified all – that was created – to be good.

I opine that for lack of contentment and also for a loss of understanding, Eve as GOD’sBondMan – or GOD’s Bond Woman – tipped off the balance of life by upsetting the reason for life: obedience.

On her own accord, she disobeyed, breaking the bond beyond breaking the bone. Breaking the bone was breaking her self whereby she let off her guard of protection to reason with a reason which is unreasonable to the reason of life. Hence, Every attempt to twitch and tamper with the essence of GOD’s image and purpose and will and course by reason of say…Ability to have choice or proceed with and for convenience is the very replication of Eve’s model of breaking the bond.

And while we sit in judgment to sentence Eve to a period of nonchalance, we must equally examine that we are, as Eve as Eve was if we live our lives as if the Will of GOD can be relegated and GOD be glad by this or Providence be elated by this.

No Bond (wo)man of GOD’s can be such if they break the bond with GOD as did Eve seeing that breaking GOD’s Word is an attempt to break GOD to see what GOD is made of if we taunt HIM by opening up to rebellion.


But I also reason that, for me, Eve represents a lot more than downfall or the fallout of the human accumulation of weakness. I think of Eve as a reminder of GOD’s Love, even more. I think of Eve as the carrier of GOD’s promise, the very witness of the first Gospel ever preached, the first soul ever reached, the vessel through whom all humanity was born. I think of Eve as holding the pact of GOD to create every other life and continue in the fold of Heaven assuming, of course, that she bore in mind that every birth was a step closer to the redemption of all those who came from her to the Earth and back.

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