BOND 122 – The Gospel: a manifesto for Christianity

Before I speak about the next BondMan, I need to address this because the Holy-Spirit prompted it, swiftly in my heart.

Take it with you to the next generation.

Let it be told
and may it help us when we are old:

…that JESUS was born (GOD Was born as man) by the chambers of a virgin(1). HE lived, HE taught, HE thought, HE loved, HE provoked, HE saved, HE healed, HE tormented death, blindness and hell, HE slept, HE woke, HE felt pain, HE wept, HE was hungry, HE fed, HE fled, HE bleed and when it was time, HE died(2): for the course of nothing except for the sin of man being less of man should be.

And for the sin of man by man against GOD, JESUS suffered accusation; and denunciation; and persecution; and immersion to be made one with Man and to set an example; and temptation(4) to conquer Satan which man did not do; and conviction, which not all men who saw HIM had because HE was a Jew and a Nazarene and perceived least of men excerpt by the very unction of GOD upon flesh.

And when it was time, HE died, this same JESUS, died the death of a criminal, hung in shame on a tree carved like a cross to bear the weight of disgrace and while HE carried the cross with a crown of thorns, HIS tears mixed with blood – beyond bone, thus, man could see what GOD had done for man to be reinstated unto righteousness.

And when the time came, HE paid, HE died, HE tried – trial (3); the weakness of flesh with the judgement sentence of truth and peace.

And when the time came, JESUS judged hell, JESUS made Satan see needful wrong as the host of death yelled in pain.

And when the time was right, JESUS took the right of hell over every (hu)man who was and who shall be and delivered the conscience of humanity unto the moral grace of creation to decide for what is good or evil. That, too, is salvation.

And when the time was right, JESUS rode over hell(5) and death and emerged with all power and glory both of life and of death(6) and one being in two phases was intertwined such that while GOD won, man was won unto the side of GOD and it left Satan barren.

And when the time was right, this JESUS – after HE had shown HIMSELF to the world for a testimony and testament returned to the place of The FATHER(7); that HE may make place for all those who believe and walk as HE had walked(8).

So this is the gospel:

Let it be told
and may it help us remain bold:

We know that JESUS was born, HE lived, HE died, HE resurrected, and lives without end. For GOD became man to save man that man may become As GOD made man to be. Amen.

This is the gospel…and nothing less of this.

Let it be told
and it shall help us to remain sold (unto GOD).

This is the Bond, Amen.

1 Luke 2:7
2 John 19: 29 – 42
3 John 19: 16
4 Matthew 4: 2 – 10
5 I Peter 3: 19 – 20
6 John 20: 11 – 20
7 Luke 24: 51
8 John 14: 2

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