And then, Abel, for he would not be a rebel neither would he repel GOD.

In that whatsoever the GOD over heaven and GOD who made earth says, that and that alone shall he do.
And from Abel, we know that it is not only rewarding to do what GOD wants but how GOD wants what GOD wants to be done; but it is also Abel who shows that the sacrifice that GOD respects is the heart that gives the sacrifice which GOD respects.

It is by the creed of Abel that we are aware that there shall be those who would place a standard to devour all who are solemn to the course of GOD; that the worship of GOD is not void of persecution or even death but that while one is killed in the world, there is a testimony which lives on and gets the attention of GOD for a judgement worthy and deserving.

From Abel, we know that no unjust intention is without appropriate punishment and it is only by GOD that the intentions of (wo)man are judged before the actions so that there can be no deceit with the trial by GOD; and from Abel’s incidence, we learn that before sin comes, there is a state of wrong-doing whereby sin is the influence and displeasure is the harbinger and any and all who are displeased with GOD are in danger of sin which is death from GOD and alienation from life.

And by Abel, we are comforted that a life lived well is a life away from hell filled with truth that we can tell void of consciences that we can sell.

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