And for Noah, I reckon, exhibited faith more than all of humanity in his time.

From Noah we learn to behold the untold mysteries which are revealed to us, to see what the eyes are yet to, to listen to GOD who knows what is to come and to come to an understanding of what GOD says – long enough to obey. For the moments when we needfully take steps of faith: waking on water, building an ark before the rain, believing before Beholding, living as GOD says before leaving the world.

Steps of faith are like steps of the ladder and every climb leads us closer to behold what had always been higher than our intellects can process.

For Noah, being mocked because of the gospel, persevered; because the truth of GOD’s word is found in the impossible things of humans. If it is difficult and impossible for man, it is not for GOD. If it is unreal, to woman, because it has not been done, it is naught for GOD.

From Noah, we learn that GOD calls us by grace yet it is by belief in HIS Grace that we are saved from the filth of our doubts.

By Noah, we know that when GOD says a thing, it shall be done and when GOD does a thing, it must be said.

However, Noah, too, teaches that after the assignment that GOD gives us is done, we need more than ever to hold on to the consciousness of HIS Presence. Never to be slothful or afraid of the truth but firm in all forms of admonition because the enemy of the soul seeks to discredit the good works which GOD does through HIS BondMen.

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