Bond 126: Rebekah

Dear Dora,

GOD picks whomever GOD pleases and is just for that; not just for that but also for the pact of love which GOD upholds for humanity.

I imagine no other concise and justified reason for love in life except that we consciously or unconsciously imitate GOD, preserve the residue of GOD in us or live as we were made to. Most times the reason for love is all at once but never none at a time.

On all fronts, it is GOD who is the heart, beating, of love. However, because love is not ours to own or clone as though it is ours to own, we must be responsible to the higher call for reason to understand the reason for love and why we are indebted to it.

Love includes among many other things, obeying GOD: because it is by obedience that we fulfil the reason for our lives as well as show to GOD, the world (and both beyond) that we understand the channel of GOD’s love to us. If the child loves their mother, then the child would listen to their mother (who loves them) and stay away from the path of destruction.

To be clear, GOD’s love to us is life and the peace of it since it is a piece from HIM. The dead? Fret not because all who die in GOD’s Love – which is HIS Life and living – have an eternal reward of life with and in GOD. This, too, is love.

I reckon these words are easy, said until they are meant to leave our heads and be done by our hands and hearts and this is why I draw encouragement from scripture like a mirror when I check for errors.

For Rebekah, it was not different. To walk against the traffic of (wrong) tradition(s) and obey the Voice of GOD; to be drenched in obedience enough to be used as a vessel – regardless of adverse effect. For some of us, we don’t obey GOD because we are scared of the persecution that comes with it, the repetition of gore and suffering, the mockery that comes with believing before seeing or listening to the engrams of the creator in us. It is not easy but that makes it worth while.

So for me, by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, I believe Rebekah is GOD’sBondMan: for paying the price for obedience; for losing the appraisal of the world to gain the praise of GOD; for going down to the earth with the worship of her LORD, GOD; for seeking refuge in GOD’s counsel; for commanding all those in her care to do so; for becoming a sacrifice and living that way; for refusing to stay on the fence; for rejecting compromise; for repelling sentiments; for being conditioned only to GOD’s revealed word; for fighting for GOD’s stance; for upholding the countenance of GOD’s purpose upon the earth; for being the “amen” to the prayers of heaven and for holding on to GOD the way GOD holds on to HIS covenant and the truth of it.

What I have learnt from Rebekah is that we would be used by GOD if we let the Use Of GOD take priority; we would not lose if we let GOD use us, we would not be estranged from the muse of divine Purity and wisdom if it is GOD that pulls our hearts to righteousness.

If it is GOD who is our reason for love and righteousness then we are GOD’sBondMan.

Your annoying councilor,
Cephas Olatunde


Never forget who should live in your heart…

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