who is my Heaven,
Be praised!

Thank YOU for how life happens;
And how my health in YOUR Wellness sharpens
my understanding of YOU.

Thank YOU for all YOU do;
and for leaving bits and clues
as YOU move through me to induce
the best I can be.

Thank YOU for being as you are;
regardless of what I do to mar
YOUR Grace which is my Wall and stern –

I ask that my sins be washed away.
That YOUR forgiveness may be found for all I say
and all I do and all I think;
even for the heaviness of my heart that may sink
my love for YOU into quick sand
Or by the prowess of the work(s) of my hand.

Be gracious unto me:
Be in all that I shall see;

I ask for YOUR Presence to be in me:
as blood cells are in veins and may we
become one as we were – from creation.
May I be YOUR Face to my generation:
to remind all – who can understand – that
YOU always work for their good – and that is your pact.

And so LORD, my GOD, I ask: that for my miseries
(whether they be secret or open), that YOUR Promises
would be sure:
AS firmly tied – to truth – as your law.

Where there is darkness may YOU bring light.
Where there is weakness, may YOU be the strength – for what is right;
and if my heart fails, may YOU come to my avail
and if I am lost, may YOU define me and my tale
But if YOU are angry with us (Spirit, soul and body) correct us…
…that we may be refreshed beyond rust

I love YOU, LORD
More than I know of the world
Blessed be YOUR Name
for YOU remain the same.

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