Bond 128: Jacob

…not just for a personal labour of love or the conquest over hardship or the reward of wealth gotten (in exchange) for the mental imprisonment of the covenant but for the humility of purpose.

It is for the sense of GOD and the presence of GOD, the remarkable memory of the house is GOD and the discovery of said-house upon the earth.

It is for being willing to be carrier of the soul of GOD by consciousness and ideal to the service of GOD.

It is for struggling to be blessed not with the riches of the world but with the divine signature of approval; it is for striving to please GOD, for sacrificing to hold on to GOD even if the body suffers an affliction as an attestation that he saw and sought the face of GOD and lived.

It is for being a reminder of how the man is worthless until the blessings of GOD are upon them. It is for passing the mandate of GOD’s redemption to the next generation; for being a pathway and for being a minister to the accomplishment of the Gospel of GOD’s love – regardless of the opposition by the wickedness of men who wish to deny that GOD is love or has love or is the standard of love.

For being productive, for obeying GOD, for multiplication, to subduing the earth in its fullness and having the dominion of the representation of the Will of GOD upon the earth as heaven over humanity; for living and dying in awe of the GOD of his fathers and mothers, faithfully; Jacob is – equally – GOD’sBondMan.

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