Bond 129: JOSEPH, the godly

To the godly, all things are GOD’s
To the ungodly, all things are gods.

To the godly: GOD is in all things; GOD can be found in all things; the interest of GOD can be found in all things. To the godly, all good is done in accountability to GOD; all good is offered as measure of allegiance to GOD; all good deeds are by GOD and it’s to the glory of GOD that all things which are done are done.

To the godly, the living are testimonies of GOD and should be bearers of GOD’s Edict and Will; to the godly, GOD is sovereign over all and even if the ungodly don’t see it so, it doesn’t change.

The denial of GOD and the goodness of GOD is the acceptance of the woes from the world.

For the godly, sin is (great) wickedness to GOD. The excuse for sin is death. The reason to abstain from sin is not tied to the human understanding or preview of the consequences of said-sin but to the sovereign outlook of GOD. To the godly, the need to be good and the capacity to be good comes from GOD. To the godly, all good things are GOD’s but to the ungodly, all good things are gods. To the godly, all gods – except GOD – are naught but to the ungodly, it is GOD who is seen as naught and gods are not.

To the ungodly, gods provide satisfaction but these gods are insatiable until there is nothing and they, too, are no more. All gods destroy themselves and those who follow them with them.

GOD creates everything…

To the godly, GOD provides everything and GOD is satisfied when GOD is glorified and GOD is glorified when the godly are satisfied in peace and the godly are satisfied in peace by GOD being glorified.

To Joseph, all that ever was and shall be are GOD’s regardless of the possession of men, regardless of the occupation, too; thus, for being accountable only to good whose standards truth are love and worthy law unto the scale of Justice, Joseph is GOD’sBondMan. Amen


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