I am grateful for beginnings; for the ends of beginnings, that is, for the purpose of beginnings; for beginnings: why and while they begin and end.

I’m grateful for what I know and what I am knowing but most importantly for what I shall know.

I’m grateful to GOD for being bound by the beginnings of GOD’s purpose in me. I’m grateful for beginning with GOD and for having GOD as my end for GOD is my beginning and for this, I would not end.

I’m grateful for sound judgement, for the faithfulness of GOD-ly beginnings: The moments of creation, the moments of inspiration, the moments of deep affection for humanity, the moments of instruction from loving and living Divinity, moments of consequence and affliction, moments of torments and addiction; all of which, I know, are orchestrated by heaven to teach – for (my) understanding – the suffering of those who must be saved and brought to the candor and revelation of light.

I’m grateful for silence and I’m in awe of the very presence of GOD, always. My journey has begun – from knowing nothing; being enslaved to sin, which is the Silence In Nothing to the rigor of being moulded in the image of GOD.


2 thoughts on “Grateful

  1. Glorify JESUS, sir. Thank you. Your comment means a lot. The source is from my conclusion of the book of Genesis on the GOD’sBodnMan. I found the inspiration to appreciate GOD for the blessings of HIS Revelation. Thus the passion. Shalom sir.


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