Before the light of heaven and the sight of earth, the greater authority is the authority of GOD over the authority of humanity.

And the authority of GOD is found in the minority of truth which is not the majority of sooth against the works of truth.

Before Might of heaven and the flight of earth, the greater authority is the Will and Thought of GOD over the will and rot of humanity because the thought of GOD is of peace (citation), enduring wickedness; of strength, withstanding the attack of evil and distress.

Because the Will of GOD wills all wills to be or wills all wills to not be – given the place of these wills to the preview of GOD’s will.

When GOD’sBondMan lives for the Will of GOD to be done, it is a recognition of the Will which stands over all others, in all situations and times and climes. Amen.

Before the height of heaven and the right of earth, the greater authority is the purpose of GOD. The Purpose of GOD is clothed in The Culture of GOD and this Culture is clothed in the manifestation of GOD, upon life. Thus, when any man or woman who holds their Bond to GOD is set against the Purpose of GOD to do what is displeasing in the sight of GOD, they should be a denial of this desire even if it is enforced by the authority of humanity against the truth because in the truth of heaven and the root of earth, it is the standard of GOD that is greater than the kindred of humanity.


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